I came out of high school, with many scholarships, but put them off to start a family. At age 22, after going through a divorce, I began going to school for the nursing field. I began working at Hamilton Co. Hospital and Extended Care, while doing so. Realizing I could not put my emotions aside, after becoming too attached to my patients, I moved to Texas.

Once in Texas, I began an apprenticeship as a tattooist, and rediscovered my passion for the arts. Whether it be on paper, canvas, or the skin, I love creating objects of beauty that the owners can enjoy for a lifetime.

In December 2013, I stumbled upon a new makeup company, and on a whim, decided to join with the company. Since then, I have discovered that helping other women feel empowered and beautiful, is something I am not only was good at, but truly enjoy. Today, I mentor a large team of both men and women, to help them further their goals, achieve success for themselves, and help secure their futures.

With seven years of prior experience in the Direct Sales world, I have learned the ins and outs, of selling, team building, mentoring, and helping others find their path to success. I would love to help you find yours!

I continue to tattoo, and do my makeup business, while still making time to enjoy time with my family and friends.

2 Responses to About

  1. Camille says:

    How often are you suppose buy a new 3D mascara? I bought mine back in August last year

    • babette75 says:

      Due to bacteria from our eyes, that can then grow in mascara, the recommended time to replace it is every 3 to 6 months. In the fifteen months I’ve been using it, I have just now opened my 4th set. Hope this helps! 😉

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