Vampire No More

Soooo…I finally tried out the new sunless tanning lotion. Keep in mind, I haven’t intentionally tanned in at least twelve years, and haven’t even used sunless products in almost as long. Doesn’t that left leg look awesome?

I had learned to accept the fact that I had a choice, I could have my tattoos, or I could have a tan. I chose the tattoos, which is why I had learned to embrace my vampire like appearance. (No, not that new generation sparkly kind! The old, translucent white skin, that you could see veins through.)

Now?? I get to have color again!! Yes, I seriously did a little jump, when I learned I didn’t turn orange from it. Visions of my skin after baby oil slathered days at the pool, danced in my head. Yes, I know, that foolishness went out of fashion years ago. But, now I can get the look of it again!

That picture up there? That’s after almost 48 hours, a shower, and a shave. As I sit here typing this a week later, it’s still there! Which reminds me, I really need to do the other leg….but since there’s five inches of snow on the ground, no one will even know my legs don’t currently match. Well, no one except the thousands of you that read this blog. Since you can’t see it now, though, I’m going to pretend no one will know. 😉

Oh! for those who prefer it, it’s also available in a spray, too!


About babettej

I'm a makeup junkie, and Presenter #5374 with Younique Cosmetics.
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