Never Grow Up!


In my almost 41 years on this earth….oh jeebus…I am almost 41!! Anyway, the biggest thing I’ve learned is that you should never grow up. You should never “act your age”. Instead, you should have fun!

Do the fun hair colors, buy the shoes that make you smile – even if they don’t have 6 inch heels on them. Dress up a huge daisy with lash glasses, and bring it to your loved one in the hospital, to bring a smile to their face! (Her name is Henrietta, by the way!)

Live your life for YOU, and live it LARGE!

For years, I tried to fit in, I tried to be *normal*. But, it wasn’t me. I’m not the perfectly dressed, stay at home mom, that has it all together. I’m a business owner, and I rock who I am! Most days, I dress like I’m 16. Some would probably say I act like it, too.

I sure as hell (yes, I cuss…*gasp*!!) don’t fit into what most consider the model for a direct sales professional, let alone the owner of 2 brick and mortar businesses, on top of it. Yes, really. I look like this, AND I own and run THREE businesses. I’m also happily married (well, most of the time happily, other days, I want to rip his head off). I have five kids – yes, I said five. They are ages 15 to 25. Obviously, we’re a blended family, because while I did have one at barely 18, I didn’t have one at 15. In my other life, when I’m not selling you makeup, I do tattoos. Oh, and I’m pretty well covered in them, and piercings, too.

When I first looked into doing direct sales, all that up there ^^^ almost convinced me not to do it. I mean seriously, who the hell was going to buy from some tattooed freak, who preferred Easter egg colored hair?? If it weren’t for my husband, I would have never taken that step, and signed up for the first time, 8 years ago. Oh, and by the way – no matter how much of a freak you think you are, there are others out there that are like you, look up to you, and think you are pretty freaking amazing!!

No, I didn’t stay with that first company. Not because their products weren’t good – they are. Not because I didn’t fit their image – I don’t know that they had one, to be honest. Instead, I left, because I found this awesome 3D mascara, and the 16 year old inside me went, “Lady, what the heck are you doing?? We could be doing tattoos and playing with makeup all day long!!”

Thankfully, I tend to listen to that 16 year old inner me, when it comes to making decisions about my future. So far, it hasn’t led me off track. Ok, take that back – the original 16 year old me, didn’t know crap about what a good man was. Other than that, though? She’s helped me make some damn good decisions. In this case, that decision led me to a successful makeup business, and the ability to help 98 other women start a business, to date, and discover that they too, don’t have to fit a stereotype and are beautiful just the way they are!

So….tonight, I leave you with this: Never grow up. Follow those dreams, no matter how crazy 40 year old you may think they are. Sometimes, our inner 16 year old, happens to know what they’re talking about. 😉 So, if you dare – come be a rebel with me!


About babettej

I'm a makeup junkie, and Presenter #5374 with Younique Cosmetics.
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