Winter Makeup Looks & Trends


As the temperature drops, and crisp fall air turns to winter, it’s time to update your makeup look! This season is the time to change it up, and do away with those winter blahs! With the darker, dreary days of winter, pops of color will get you noticed – and make you feel happier!

Ditch The Dark Lips, and Bring Out The Nudes and Pinks

Fall trends were all about the dark burgundies and plums. Winter is the time to bring out the pinks, and nudes. With shades such as Upper Class, and Ritzy, our Opulence lipsticks have you covered! For some extra shine and sparkle, top it off with Lavish, or Loyal lipgloss. 

Brows Should Be Seen

If you were blessed with beautiful, thick brows, all you need to do is keep them in shape, and do away with the few stray hairs. Those of us not so blessed, have a secret or two, up our sleeves. I recommend the Brow Gel, with fibers to fill in those sparse areas. Finish it off with the Younique Brow Pencil, and you’re in business! Brows frame the windows to your soul – make sure the frame is high class.

Long Lashes

Nothing adds that pop to those gorgeous eyes, like thick, longer than life lashes! Skip the falsies, and that messy glue, by switching to 3D Fiber Lash+ mascara! Whether you play it down with one coat, or go all out with more, this mascara is the current go to! With an increase of lash length starting at 400%, you can’t go wrong.

Be Bold, With Your Eyes

There is no better time to kick that neutral look up a few notces. Replace those beiges and Browns, with some purple and greens. Make your eyes the thing that everyone will notice, with our Splurge Cream shadow, in shades like Whimsical, Majestic, and Assertive!

Skip The Bronzer, Go for a Natural Rosy Glow

This is the time of year, that’s it’s not only acceptable to have porcelain skin, but also beautiful! Ditch the bronzer, and instead, go with a rosy pink, such as the Moodstruck Blush in Sweet. Apply to the apples of your cheeks, for that cold weather, natural glow. 

Moisturizer, Baby!

With the dry heat of central air, make sure to keep your skin in top condition, without that greasy feeling. Divine moisturizer helps to ensure that your makeup looks flawless, with any flaking skin.


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I'm a makeup junkie, and Presenter #5374 with Younique Cosmetics.
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1 Response to Winter Makeup Looks & Trends

  1. Kally says:

    Lovely advice!! I think it’s cool to have seasonal makeup.

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