Who Makes a Good Direct Sales Person?

There are lists of who would be good at Direct Sales. They normally include; Stay at home moms, teachers, soccer moms and retired people. There are a few updated ones out there, that go a bit further, such as lawyers, nurses, and business owners.

Can I let you in on a secret?? Not a single one of them says “tattoo artist”. So, for two years, even though I was having monthly parties with good sales, I put off signing up. I didn’t think anyone would ever buy from a tattooed, funny colored hair, “freak”. It was my husband that finally convinced me to sign up with my first company. He pointed out that instead of just earning free smell goods for the house, I could also be earning money.

I took the leap, and guess what? I found out that this tattooed freak could do pretty good. There are a lot of people in the world who want to buy from someone who is passionate, and stands out from the crowd. That is more like them, and not a by the book, sales type. I left that first company after 6 years, two years ago. It’s not that they weren’t a good company. They just weren’t a passion for me.

Now? I’ve been with Younique, for two years. Again, I didn’t fit that DS stereotype. And again, I’m doing pretty good with it. i habe 50 personally sponsored, and a team of 90, under me. I’ve also got passion for the product. I spend hours playing with makeup, like I did when I was a teenager. I research, and study, and learn; to better myself, and help others.

So, who is actually good at Direct Sales? Anyone that wants to be. You simply need to be motivated to move forward, and always be passionate about what it is you do. You need to be willing to work, without someone over your shoulder telling you what to do, every five seconds. You need to be willing to learn, and grow beyond your comfort zone.

What you don’t need, is someone telling you, that you have to fit inside a perfect little box to see success.


About babettej

I'm a makeup junkie, and Presenter #5374 with Younique Cosmetics.
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