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20141022-000754-474027.jpg I try to keep up with all the questions I get, as they come in. However, if one person has a question, there’s a good chance that others have the same question, about the 3D Fiber Lashes Mascara, from Younique. So, here is an updated Q & A for all of my readers:

Q. Where can you buy Younique 3D Mascara?

A. Here:

Q. Does the 3d mascara come in brown?

A. No. However, using any of our 32 pigments, you can make it any color you want.

Q. Is Younique a scam?

A. No. We are a legitimate company, with legitimate products. Most sellers use it as a supplement to their current income, while others go all out, and work it full time.

Q. How do you start selling Younique?

A. By clicking “Join” at

Q. How do I make money with Younique?

A. Time. Patience. Passion. Sharing.

Q. What countries, territories, etc. can you sell Younique from?

A. American Samoa, Australia, Canada, Guam, Fed. Islands of Micronesia, Puerto Rico, any military APO and/or NPO address, Palau, US Virgin Islands, United States, United Kingdom, and New Zealand. (Mexico and Germany coming in 2015)

Q. Does Younique sell anything else, besides mascara?

A. Yes. We sell a full line of cosmetics and skin care. You can see the entire line at

Q. Is the Younique 3D Mascara sold in stores.

A. No. It is only available through Presenters. You may purchase it at

Q. How does the 3D mascara work?

A. It works by layering our two products, to achieve your desired effect. The first layer is our transplanting gel (mascara), then an application of all natural green tea fibers, sealed with another coat of transplanting gel. If desired, more coats can be added. If you do so, always end with the transplanting gel.

I’m sure I will have more questions soon, so be on the lookout for the next Q & A session! Have your own questions? Comment here, or contact me at the address below, and I will answer them ASAP.

❤ Babette

Originally published Oct. 22, 2014 at

About babettej

I'm a makeup junkie, and Presenter #5374 with Younique Cosmetics.
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