Overnight Sensation?

I know to many people, Younique and it’s 3D Fiber mascara, may seem like an over night sensation, or a gimmick. However, as one of the first few thousand Presenters, I can tell you, it was no such thing.

Those of us who started with this little, then unknown company, were in up chartered territory. We worked day and night, to get the word out about this amazing company, it’s founders, and it’s products. We were on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram, trying to get the world to see what we already knew.

We knew we had amazing products, and were on to something, that was going to explode. What we didn’t realize, is that once it did, it was going to go so fast!

We all did our job, and we did it well. It seems like you can’t log into social media now, without seeing us somewhere. Unfortunately, with huge growth, comes many people who didn’t get proper training. They are so excited about the products, that they don’t realize that they are spamming groups with Younique.

If you’ve seen what I just mentioned, please don’t hold that against those of us, who take the time to build relationships. Once you get off social media sites, there are still tens of thousands of women, who have never heard of Younique. Or, they’ve only heard of the mascara, and don’t realize we also have a full range of other makeup and skincare.

I’m asking those of you, who came here, expecting to read that Younique is a scam, or a gimmick, to give us another shot. Our products are truly wonderful, competitively priced, and come from some amazing people!

From the 14 day Love It guarantee, after you receive our products, to the fact that our founders help victims of sexual abuse with their profits, Younique is a company like no other. And, with only a little over 100,000 Presenters, over five countries, there is still plenty of room to grow.

Order or Join: http://www.beautybybabette.com
Email: babette75@windstream.net

About babettej

I'm a makeup junkie, and Presenter #5374 with Younique Cosmetics.
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  1. Outstanding ѕtory there. What happened after?
    Take care!

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