You Don’t Need Regular Mascara Under 3D Mascara


I know, I know, the instructions that come with the Younique 3D Fiber Lash Mascara say to put a coat of regular mascara on under it. I know that you’ve come across that tidbit in some of your online reading.

Well, I’m here to tell you that you do NOT need to do that! I don’t. I haven’t since the first month I used it. And, guess what?? I still get amazing results! the proof is in the picture.

So, how do I still get the amazing results? It’s pretty simple, really. Instead of using another mascara as a base coat, I simply use the Transplanting Gel (which is essentially a mascara, no matter what it’s called), in place of it.  So, my routine is: Gel, gel, fibers, gel.

I know some of you want even longer lashes than what I’ve got shown here, so simply do another layer. Which would make your routine like this: Gel, gel, fibers, gel, fibers, gel. (Always end with the gel. Always.)

There’s your beauty hack for the day, and it saves you money, too! You’re welcome! 😉

About babettej

I'm a makeup junkie, and Presenter #5374 with Younique Cosmetics.
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