Embrace the Unique in You

You Be You

I wanted to give you all a tip, and it’s going to go against everything you’ve been taught, in the direct sales/network marketing world. Be YOURSELF. Don’t try and copy me, or anyone else in your upline. Stand out from the crowd. This goes for anyone in this business, whether it be selling the best 3D mascara out there, with Younique – or selling those “crazy wraps”, candles with jewelry, candles with no flames, purses, jewelry, chocolate, food, sex toys, etc.

Your friends, are YOUR friends for a reason. They know that you are shy, or goofy, or spontaneous, or crazy, or loving, or use words like a sailor would. It would be a safe assumption, that many of their friends, and friends of their friends, would also like you, too – just the way you are.

In my last company, I tried to fit into that cookie cutter box, that seemed to be expected of me. Not only expected, but what I was told would “work best”.  I thought because I do tattoos, have wild hair, am covered in tattoos, and have piercings, that no one would actually buy from me. In other words – I set myself up to fail. And, I was encouraged to do so, with the best of intentions.

Then, I discovered that people don’t always want that perfect cookie cutter presenter/consultant/distributor. They want real. They want someone they can relate to. Someone who is a real person, behind that web address, catalog, or business card.

That, right there, is the secret to my success with Younique. I decided that being me, was ok. More than ok, it was what was needed. I needed to be myself, to stand out from the crowd. I realized it was ok to have my wild blue, red, or purple hair. That my tattoos are not only acceptable, they help define me. Find what defines you. Embrace it. Promote it. Love it. When you do that? That’s when you will see success.

So, go out there, embrace the uniqueness in YOU, and you might just be surprised what it will bring you.

Til next time,


About babettej

I'm a makeup junkie, and Presenter #5374 with Younique Cosmetics.
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