My Younique Essential Products


“What are your Younique go to products? You know, the ones you couldn’t live without?” That was the question posed to myself, by a customer, earlier today.

My immediate answer, was my Brilliant moisturizer, and my 3D Fiber Lashes. Throughout the day, however, I thought about it. If I could grab just a few items, to take with me, for the day, what would they be?

I opened my Younique bag, that I carry all my most of my products that I like to use. I reached in, and within less than a minute, these are the products that I deemed my essentials. The ones I could do the most with. The ones I’m never without.

The essentials do contain the 3D mascara, but not the moisturizer. Why? I put the moisturizer on at home, once a day. I don’t grab it, as I’m running out the door, 15 minutes late, as usual.

Instead, I grab the following:
3D Fiber Lash mascara
BB Cream in Bisque
Concealer powder, in Fabulous
Devious eye pigment powder
Powder puff brush
Combo liner/shader brush

That’s it. Those 6 items can get me looking put together for the day, and easily switch me over to night, if I can’t make it home to make my changes.

I use my BB cream as a primer, and light foundation. I top it off with my Fabulous concealer, which I use as an all over powder, putting it on with my fat powder brush. Then, I grab my Devious eye pigment, and my liner/shader brush. I get the liner end slightly damp, and use the Devious as an eyeliner. Next, a quick coat of my 3D mascara. That’s it. I’m done, and look put together for the day.

Now, if I have to be somewhere, and don’t have time to come home, and go all out, I simply pull out my Devious pigment, the liner/shader brush, and do a quick smoky eye look, using the shader end of the brush (dry). Add another coat of the 3D Fiber Lashes, and I look like I’ve spent at least 30 minutes getting ready, instead of the actual four or five minutes it took.

That’s it!

What are YOUR go tos, must haves, essentials? What do you grab as you’re running late out the door, knowing you’ll have to sneak into the bathroom, or sit in the parking lot, frantically making it look like you didn’t just do your makeup in a hot car?

Like the items above? You can order online, 24 hours a day.

About babettej

I'm a makeup junkie, and Presenter #5374 with Younique Cosmetics.
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