Younique Home Party

While I don’t have much time to fit them into my schedule, I love when I get to do a home party for Younique!


Why?? Because I like to do them nice and relaxed. No hour long speech. No pushy sales talk. (For all you other sales people that may be reading this, I personally will NOT buy from a pushy salesperson) Just nice and simple, and let the guests have fun!

I prefer to do about a five minute little talk, see if anyone has questions, then step back, and let them play in the makeup!

Usually, within the first five or ten minutes, someone has made themselves the dedicated makeover person of the party. Yes, I do them, too, don’t worry. However, guests would much rather be able to play themselves, or let their friends play. It’s kind of like going to a sleepover from when you were a teenager all over again!

I had a blast with this one, good people all the way around, and it turned out we had two makeup artists in the crowd. Always a bonus, there! And, our loose powder concealers got high reviews from both, on how soft it felt, and how natural it looked!

Of course, the 3D mascara was a huge hit as usual, but this time around, the pigment powders gave them a good run for their money, too.

About babettej

I'm a makeup junkie, and Presenter #5374 with Younique Cosmetics.
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