Why I do Direct Sales

Why did I start selling Younique? I believed in the product. Yes, it is that simple.

As I’ve mentioned before, I had already been involved in Direct Sales, through Scentsy. I was with them for four years, before I signed up with Younique. I still sell both of them, but I do put more time into my Younique business. Why? One, it is selling much better at this time, and two, as a newer company, I feel I have more opportunities to go further with it.

Now, that is not saying that Scentsy is a bad company, or that you can’t make money from it. It isn’t, and I do.

My personal reason for doing direct sales, in the beginning, was to simply have a little bit of play money. Over the years, it has evolved. For four years, direct sales is what bought Christmas for my kids, new school clothes, and made car payments. Now, I have a whole new goal set out for myself. I wholly believe that I can have our home almost completely paid off within two years, with enough dedication.

I do work outside the home, my husband and I run a successful business together. Between it, and Younique, I currently work about eighty hours a week. Is that a lot? Yes, to most. However, I have always worked like that, whether I was doing work for someone else, or for myself. Is it worth it? Yes. As I said above, direct sales has paid for a lot, for us.

Some people will tell you that doing direct sales is a scam, or lose money quick scheme. It is neither, as long as you are with a reputable company, manage tour time, and work at it.

I do not spend more on product for myself than I make off of it. No where near it, at all. With Younique, to date, I have spent the original $99 for the kit. That’s it. Seriously. I have made $658 in that same time, and the only product I buy for myself, I earn for free. I am currently on track to make another $700 before month’s end. That’s if I don’t continue working at it. You can do the math, that is over $1000 in profit, if I were to take away both my investment, and taxes. That is a full extra house payment. So, is my goal of paying off my house doable? Yes, it is.

Will everyone make that much with direct sales? No, some will make less, some will make more. I make what I do, because of the effort I dedicate to it. Some people only want that extra $100 a month, for play money. And, that’s perfectly ok. Direct sales does for you, what you want it to. It is truly a what you put in, is what you get out of it.


About babettej

I'm a makeup junkie, and Presenter #5374 with Younique Cosmetics.
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