What is he scared of?

It seems that Younique Presenters are being attacked very publicly by a “professional makeup artist”. Why? Because we are not “professional” in his opinion. Though we come from all walks of life, from doctors, to cosmetologists, to in my case, a professional tattoo artist. Not only does he attack Younique, he then goes on to attack all who dare to do Directs Sales, MLMs, etc.

This man knows none of us, but is doing his best to go on a smear campaign against us. I question what he is scared of, that he has to attack one company, out of the hundreds out there? Not everyone can afford one of a makeup artists $1000+ kits, nor afford the hourly rates of a makeup artist. That being said, I have personally purchased a $500 kit from a different, well known, makeup artist. Were the products good? Yes, but to be honest, not worth the money I spent. Younique makeup is just as good, at a fraction of the cost, in my opinion.

I know what Younique has done for me, from what is has done for my skin, to how it has made me feel. Because of this, I will personally continue to PROUDLY represent Younique products. I hope that you will consider to do the same!

About babettej

I'm a makeup junkie, and Presenter #5374 with Younique Cosmetics.
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