One Month Into Selling Younique

When I signed up to sell Younique, I didn’t even tell my husband until well after it was done. Ive never done that, we always talk about possible business endeavors, before starting.

I started out just wanting the 3d Fiber Lashes mascara, then I saw what all I could get for a little more money. I reminded myself what had happened last time I waited to long to join a company. So, I jumped in head first – forget the feet…I dove in.

A month later, I am even happier than I was when I hit that final join button. The products are amazing. The looks on women’s faces when they try it, is indescribable. The sales…just wow!

Then, the founders themselves – amazing people. They jump in and help out the shipping department so that we aren’t waiting on orders. There are none of those auto ship policies for presenters or customers – that’s becoming all too common in a lot of companies.

For the first time in a DS business, I feel I actually own my own business – no pages and pages of rules and regulations. Just support, and encouragement. Not to mention that I get paid every night for the sales I made that day!

Then, today, our founders/CEOs decided they would add yet one more bonus – we will NEVER have a fee to pay for our websites, for our customers to buy from. That is unheard of in the DS world! Thank you, Younique, for restoring my faith in the DS world!

Are you ready to dive in with me?? Go to and click on “Join My Team”. You won’t be sorry!


About babettej

I'm a makeup junkie, and Presenter #5374 with Younique Cosmetics.
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3 Responses to One Month Into Selling Younique

  1. Love Gichuki says:

    Good luck to you & your business! The 3d lash mascara looks pretty awesome.

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