It Was A No Makeup Kind of Day

Today, I went without makeup. It happens sometimes, at least to me. Now, that doesn’t mean that I didn’t do a skin care regimen. Just because I didn’t feel like playing with the pots, tubs, and wands today doesn’t mean I didn’t do anything!

Even on days that I go (almost) natural, I still have a little routine I follow. I get out of bed, grab whatever I can find for breakfast for the one still in school – he hates most breakfast food, such as eggs. He does like bacon and sausage, but that’s about it. While he’s eating, I check my email, check facebook, etc. Then, it’s out the door – yes, sometimes still in my jammies and robe – to take him across town to school.  (Don’t judge, I don’t have to get out of the car. And from other parents I see, I’m not the only one).

Anyway, back to skin care. When I get back home, I will do a quick wash up of my face. Just a little Awake ; cleanser, and some water. That’s it. Nothing fancy here. I make sure to apply my moisturizer, which is of course, Younique’s Brilliant, which has silver, pearl powder and ginseng. I don’t use much of either product. It doesn’t take a lot, and it works.

Now, if I am going to be leaving the house, I will go ahead and add some Glorious Primer . What? You didn’t know you could wear it alone? Of course you can! Being that it is colorless, it just makes some of those imperfections a little less notable.

That was it for today. I didn’t even do my hair, simply pulled it up in a bun. Do I look gorgeous? I guess that would depend on who you ask. What’s important is that I feel good, and I know that in about 3 minutes, I helped my skin. Just because I write a beauty blog does not mean that I am one of those who spends 45 minutes on makeup every morning. (Of course, I probably violated some southern girl code, but that’s ok, I’m originally from Kansas 🙂 )

About babettej

I'm a makeup junkie, and Presenter #5374 with Younique Cosmetics.
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