Can Younique help you?

What is something you’ve been wanting, but can’t bring yourself to splurge on? A new pair of shoes? A night out with your significant other? Maybe just a small nest egg, in case of a rainy day.

Whatever it is that’s been sitting in the back of your mind, Younique can help turn it into a reality. I know what you’re thinking….great, here comes the pitch of how wonderful the company is, how rich it will make me, how easy it is to sell….etc, etc, etc.

Well, you would be wrong. I won’t go in to all of that. I won’t promises you riches. I will tell you some facts.

The party minimum, for your host to earn free and half price products is $200. The number one selling Younique product is the 3D Lashes, which sells for $29. That means that with 7 sets of 3D Lashes, your host can meet the party minimum. Out of that, as a beginning presenter, you would earn a little over $40. Not bad. At that point you would only be down about $59 out of pocket. Now, if you’re lucky, some of those guests will also add in a few pigment powders, or even a moisturizer. Now that party is at $250. And you, as the Presenter just earned $50. Two of those minimum parties, and you’ve made back the money you spent on the kit, AND you still have the kit.

A lot of  consultants with direct selling companies won’t tell you anything about a party minimum. They will tell you about their “party average”. Now, most will tell you the “average party” is $500 ( for some reason, that seems to be the magic go to number). What they won’t tell you is that you’re going to have that one host who manages to sell $900 at her party, once every three or four months, and four hosts a month who barely make the minimum of $200. Knowing that, you will now understand why I prefer to be realistic, and tell you the low number. That way, if a party does better, you can be pleasantly surprised. If it doesn’t, then you won’t be disappointed.

Now, in my personal opinion, Younique has really good products. In a perfect world, so would every other woman on the planet, think the same. But, we know life isn’t perfect. That means that not everyone I come across will love the all natural mineral powders. Not everyone will come to a party, be it in home, or online. Not everyone that I come across will be a woman who wears makeup. But, that’s ok. Because I will have women who are looking to change their makeup, just like I wanted to. I will find people willing to make a purchase. I will find women who wear makeup.

That, right up there ^, is what can make a difference on whether you will do good selling Younique makeup products. Knowing where to find those people who will buy, who will listen. Knowing how to advertise to that segment. Knowing when no really does mean no, and how you can turn a maybe into a yes.

I would love to be able to be the person who will help you succeed. If you’ve read enough of my blog, then you already know, I do things a little different. I’m not going to blow smoke. I will, however, be honest and be there for you, as a supportive upline.

If this sounds like something that catches your interest, leave me a comment, or check out my site,, under the Join tab.


This is what comes in the start up kit, along with a free website for 10 months

About babettej

I'm a makeup junkie, and Presenter #5374 with Younique Cosmetics.
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2 Responses to Can Younique help you?

  1. Chris says:

    When you purchase makeup do you get a discount as a rep?

    • babette75 says:

      Yes, in that we get paid within three hours of each sale, including our own. Also, our personal purchases do not get added to our 1099 at the end of the year.

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